Entwurf - Bristol M32
Transformation Eastville Retailpark
Marcella Christina Matthäi, Katharina Senzel, September 2013

Our main purpose was to improve the area for the people who have to live in the area. We went through various and rather drastic alterations – we thought it necessary. We are only showing one possibility of how it can be improved. We did transform the M32 though: it won’t be a motorway anymore. We decided not to demolish the motorway. We decreased it to ground-level to make it more attractive for passing pedestrians: without the previous necessity of a bridge or a tunnel.
The major section of the industrial park had to be demolished. It made room for residential houses – combined with trade and industry. Our purpose is to interlace working and living. The former rural area – which was out of place, being that close to the city centre – is now an urban area. It may now attract people of all ages, different cultures and professions: we tried to create a new venue just outside the city centre.
The furniture store IKEA moves from its former piece of land to an adjacent plot. Unlike the Eastville Retail Park which has to move completely out of the new building site. The course of the road arises as a result of the already existing ones. We only connected the streets from one side to the other so the districts are able to make contact again in a way they did before the M32 was built.
The new roads within the former industrial park influence the different building grounds and affect thus the style of the building complexes.
We constructed apartment buildings, townhouses, terrace houses and company and industrial buildings. All of them are closely intertwined – we did not distinguish between any of them.


Entwicklung des Konzepts (Konversion eines Gewerbegebiets)


Rahmenplan i.M.: 1:1000




Schnitt durch die neue Newfoundland Road i.M.: 1:200


Modell i.M.: 1:1000