Entwurf - Antwerpen, Het Eilandje: Mexicoeiland/Kempeneiland
City as a Maze
Julian Brinkman, Niko Henke, Februar 2015

This design is about a conversion of an industrial area in the southern port area of Antwerp. The area is located near the city centre and it is an attractive location due to its location on the waterfront.
The design depicts an urban structure which is based on southern European urban areas. Because of the labyrinthine structure new perspectives and views are always granted. Thus arises a exciting and varied streetscape.
A survey in the north gives the entire city a new element. Here a park is located that connects the district with the surrounding neighborhoods. A central square is the center of the area with a link to a lively promenade. It forms the opposite pole to the quiet walk route to the north.

Städtebauliche Motive

Rahmenplan M.: 1:1000

Vertiefung zentraler Platz M.: 1:500 (Erdgeschoss)

Perspektive zentraler Platz

Vertiefung "Crescent" am Straatsburgdook M.: 1:500 (Erdgeschoss)

Schnitte und Ansichten am am Straatsburgdook M.: 1:500

Modell M.: 1:500

Modell M.: 1:1000

Modell M.: 1:2000