Hochschulseminar - Mythos grüne Stadt
Der Natur-Begriff
Manuel Kämmerer, 03.01.2015

The awareness of nature is something we all have today, because the nature is not our enemy anymore like it was in the middle age. We see natur as something positive and as the basis of our life. But in spite of loving nature, we are destroying it and often without knowing. Nobody knows today where the stream or the steak in the freezer comes from. We really don`t want to know that and we often can´t. The problem is our city culture where everything is specially separated and the way of production is endless so nobody can follow it. Finally we are architects and can´t change the humans, but we can show them with our ideas how to live with awareness of nature. At least the city culture must be more comprehensible. Sustained consumption behavior and industry have to be merged and a part of our life. Rationality is our future and not outsourcing!