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Eskapismus - Die Flucht der Architektur aus der städtischen Gesellschaft
Kristian Dihle & Paloma Lopez, 01.03.2015

The Escape of Architecture from the urban society


Our following Presentation is about the special relation of living in society and trying to escape from reality. Referring to special architectural buildings absolutely isolated to the society. We tried to figure out why people are breaking out from urbanism system and how they find their way to live in isolation. What are the interesting points of living outside the society? Why is nature giving us such a pleasant feeling? In a manner of fact people are trying to escape since hundreds of years, living their own dream in for example Castles. Till today men in Hong Kong are even escaping in a 32 qm big apartment, investigating 220.000 Dollar. It’s a sign they do for showing they are not excepting the way the society is working now.


As well in Romans like “WIR” from Jewgenij Samjatin is running from governmental force a theme. “WIR” what is Russian means something like the “single commonwealth”. It’s a dystopic book about a city surrounded by big walls and houses just build from glass. People are not called by names, they just have numbers. One person alone is not important; it’s the collective what is. So there is some Person trying to escape from the strict governmental force and starting a big revolution.


So ESCAPISM is not only a form from running away, it shows somehow that people are not excepting the way the regime is working.