Hochschulseminar - Mythos grüne Stadt
Freiflächen Neue Straße, Ulm
Rafiandy Latief / Stefan Nikolaev, 21.03.15

As a contribution to the module "Private and Public Space", it was our task to speak about open space in the city of Ulm. The second world-war has destroyed 81% the city of Ulm, only music-stand and backery Martin still remained. In the year 1953-1957 began the construction of the “Neue Straße”, however, there was a difficult obstacle that has divided the city into two parts. Mühlich, Fink +Partner Architect have laid out the new open space of “Neue Straße” and was completed in 2007. On this new shaping, the old city connects to West-Ost-Achse. In addition the new shaping is integrated with underground garage and three trees placed. The whole place was covered with concrete mixed-roadway and the pedestrian area Ballast-stone with 16 cm wide. The architect has seating-space in the middle of area with a water pool, but it has not worked due to flush water over the garage.