Hochschulseminar - Mythos grüne Stadt
Grünflächen als No-Go-Areas
Jonas Lewing und Karsten Lambertus, 28.10.2014

This presentation includs the problematic with parks and green spaces in the city. Many people are afraid of entering parks in the evening because of the possibility of getting attacked. But there is also crime during the day in fact of drugs or bandits. However it`s not only the crime that gives a person the feeling of insecureness. Trash, homeless people or some groups of young persons can give you a feeling of insecureness. On the one hand we can develop preventions to solve exactly this problems. One fact is to create different routs for the day and night(broad ways, lights, feel save). An important point for the creation of parks is the vegetation which should be not to compact and insightful from the paths.