Hochschulseminar – Die inklusive Stadt
Berlin Neukölln - Projekt Sinti und Roma
Kristina Edel, Frederike Just, Wintersemester 2013/2014

Our presentation is about the poverty migration of the Sinti and Roma from South to Western Europe. The Sinti and Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe. The topic of our seminar paper is the block of flats in the Harzer road that is a part of the Berlin district Neukölln. Before the block of flats was bought by a Catholic Aachen housing association in August 2011 it was known as „trash house“.
The problems of the Sinti and Roma were not only the language barrier also the ghettoization followed up by social isolation outside of the block of flats were problems. They had no one who shows them how a life outside their home country works. In the following sides the process of this residential block is described so that we could win a conclusion at the end. 
It developed issues like: was an inclusion ever possible? Can humans ever succeed in the break through of the social system?