Hochschulseminar – Die inklusive Stadt
Jochen Gerz: 2-3 Straßen
Nadin Boettcher und Christian Wilm, Wintersemester 2013/14

78 people move into apartments in three cities in the Ruhr region, write a book together and become part of the 2-3 Streets exhibition for a year. All the people they moved have for one year a rent exluding sevice charges, in reverse they write every day like a diary their experience in the streets. The important point is once the text is written and has been shipped, it can´t be changed. And when one of participant/resident are in a bad mood, you cannot change it, the result of them is a book with 3000 sites without introduction, chapter and ending, a huge continuous text. The reader never know how is speaking. Only the context in which the authors write is the reader aware.