Hochschulseminar – Miteinander der Städter
Sulzer Areal Winterthur
Agnieszka Szymańska, 15.12.2015

The old Sulzer-Areal industrial sector is right by the historic centre of Winterthur and its central station. Since 1834, when it was built as a foundry by the Sulzer brothers, this factory complex has spread out as far as the Zurich road and the railway line, forming an exceptionally dense urban fabric which occupies a surface area of over sixteen hectares.

Winterthur used the crisis of industrial production at the end of the 20th century as an opportunity to create something new in the Sulzerareal . The new quarter brings industrial heritage and modern city together. Inside or in place of unexploited steel foundries, production halls and warehouses are created lofts, studios, residential areas, restaurants, bars, clubs, office buildings with young small and medium enterprices, cinemas, colleges, shops and workshops. Winterthur is changed in different area.