Hochschulseminar – Horror vacui
Kinder im öffentlichen Raum (Jane Jacobs, Andreas Feldtkeller, Colin Ward)
Miray Ciftci, Dilara Aladdinoglu, 13.12.2018

The following contribution to the topic "Children in Public Space", based on the ideas and thoughts of Jane Jacobs, Andreas Feldtkeller and Colin Ward, thematizes the street as a public space for children and young people as a space for developing and social learning to see.

What influences can the curb in public space have on children and young people? Children learn the first connections of a functioning metropolis from adults and the environment. Both the social contact is promoted, as well as the safety, which develops thereby. They learn, even if they have no connection to each other, to have public responsibility for each other. Thus, it is a great loss to take the children to settlements and playgrounds intended for them. The criticism consists in the fact that the living space and the integration of the children in the city fail due to the change of the use patterns and living worlds and this leads to problems in the society.