The Institute of Civic Arts is conceived as a forum for academic discussion on the architecture of the city. The term ‘civic arts’ will be clearly formulated and the scope of its application will be deliberately limited to the manifest image of the city. The general (relativist) discourse on the term ‘urban’ is not an issue here.

Leerstandskonferenz – 21.-23. September 2022

Alte Spinnerei in Kolbermoor, Bayern – Dokumentation im Netz

Lucius Burckhardt – Gerade noch gutgegangen
Fünf Jahrzehnte Planungskritik
Hrsg. von Markus Ritter und Martin Schmitz

Handbuch der Stadtbaukunst, Christoph Mäckler (Hg.)
Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst Jovis Verlag

Hiromi Hosoya, Markus Schaefer (eds.):
The Industrious City

Institut der Stadtbaukunst — Institute of Civic Arts — Institut de la composition urbaine

Invitation to the 17th International Architecture Exhibition Belgian pavilion “Composite Presence”, Giardini – Capriccio: Positions of the European City from May 22 to November 21 2021.
Curator: Bovenbouw Architectuur, commissioned by the Flanders Architecture Institute.

Derzeit / currently / actuellement :

Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, Hasselt