Hochschulseminar – Horror vacui
EXPERIMENT – Nimm platz!
Kai Boekelder, Tsomorlig Richter, Alice Pechtold, Amila Haq, Dilara Güres/Halimler, Seyma Seyhan, Jefaz Santjaka, 25.02.2019
earching for the lost public space and the rediscovered public space

As soon as you have to search for public space, you realize that it should be everywhere. Nine Master of Architecture students of the School of Architecture Bremen want to realize a project at the Domshof in Bremen within the framework of a dissuse of public space, which among other things deals with empty public space. Since it is precisely this urban space, with the best addressee of Bremen, which is only enlivened on days of the weekly market or Christmas market, an experiment is to be conducted to find out whether the "transit-tundra" can be transformed into a place of exchange and communication all year round by the simplest means. For the time being, the experiment should not exceed a period of one week. The concrete implementation has already been clearly defined: 100 copies of the world-famous white/coloured garden chair made of plastic, in different arrangement variants, are to be set up on the cathedral courtyard. The chairs should neither be fastened nor otherwise protected, they should serve free and uncontrolled in the urban space for everyone to sit down. In the ideal case, the students hope that the freely movable furniture will help to increase communication and exchange and thus initiate the revival of public space. The users of the public space can use the chairs according to their needs. From this experiment we can find out very interesting and important information about the quality and facets of the square. It would be possible for us to work on the design of the chairs in the course of the project and make a statement for the visitors. A similar project already existed in Bremen in 1970. (picture) Jan Gehl, a Danish architect and urban planner from Copenhagen, has already carried out similar actions, for example on Time Square, where initially only temporarily planned seating furniture on the street is now an integral part of the street furniture. Where cars used to drive, pedestrians now stroll was the consequence. Where there used to be ``Transitraum-tundra`` is now communication and exchange-this could be a possible conclusion of the experiment.

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