Hochschulseminar – Horror vacui
Plätze, Parks & Co.
Alice Pechtold, Tsomorlig Richter, 10.03.2019
The book presentation was structured into four topics. The contents of the book, the presentation of the topics, compliments and criticism of the book and the discussion round. Two articles from the book were chosen for the seminar and presented in this presentation. The first article, The Theatralization of Public Space, was written by Professor and Doctor Dieter Hassenpflug. He explains the urbanity, the rurality, the fordism, the return of the places and the Disney. Professor and doctor Hassenpflug asks about the real stage in public space. With his examples and approaches, one can understand the difference and significance of natural and non-natural public space. Furthermore, an article by Doctor Ulrich Hatzfeld was chosen in the context of urban development. Doctor Hatzfeld uses his examples to illustrate why it is possible to develop qualitative urban spaces with the influence of politics. At the end of the presentation, questions were asked to the group as to what they wanted to give the city with their experiment and to what extent they wanted to participate in politics with their profession as architects.