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Bürgerbeteiligung im Planungsrecht - Deutschland und die Schweiz
Ines Fiala und Christian Kühle, 08.12.2015
Ein Vergleich / A Comparasion

Public participation in Germany and in Switzerland

Public participation in planning law in Germany is not that popular like in Switzerland. Both States have in common, that the planners have to inform the public as soon as possible and to show the documents to them with help of responsible departments. Now the citizens have the opportunity to give their statements. But also there are some main differences. All in all planning law in Germany is more strict. There is less time to give statements and less opportunities to participate. Also tere are two kinds of participating. One formal like it is given law and one informalthat is more timeconsuming. The law is written down in the "Baugesetzbuch".

The public participation in Switzerland is used much more than in Germany, because the citizens have more possibilities to do participate. They are using instruments like the referendum more intensive. There are different leves of law basics. The first one is the state, the second one is the kanton, the third one is the city and the last one the area. Here the area is the example of the "Sulzerareal" in Winterthur. It is in the kanton of Zürich and a former industrial area where now an area with high diversity of usage should be realised. Here the public participates in the last step of planning with help of some workshops and the referendum.

The "Sulzerareal" is an industrial area, so there is another important point: The German law is very strict with that and forbids living space in those areas. Law In Siwtzerland deals more relaxed with that. The have levels. The higher the level the more living space is allowed.