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Partizipation macht Architektur: Die Baupiloten-Methode und Projekte
Melanie Thaqi, 12.01.2016

What dose „Participation makes Architecture” mean?
In short it means to involve the users into the architectural design process and planning.

Architect and user are jointly developing an architectural draft.

This idea arose as early as the 1960s and has evolved steadily until today.

And precisely at the present time, this idea is becoming increasingly important, especially with regard to projects such as Stuttgart 21 and the associated protests of citizens.

More and more people in democratic societies want to actively participate in the shaping of their living environment and not only to be informed about it.

How such participation may look shows the architect Susanne Hofmann.

Since 2003, she deals with the possibilities of participation.

She has conducted scholarly investigations of the history of participation and its functionality.

Based on this Investigations she developed her own method of Participation during her study reform projekt “Die Baupiloten” (2003-2014).

The focus of this method is the communication via atmospheres.
This method and its implementation is described in her book Participation makes Architecture”.