Hochschulseminar - Miteinander der Städter
Wencke Morisse, Lena Janssen, 26.01.2016

City of short distances: The model of a city of short distances shall lead to a daily routine without the necessity of cars. It shall reduce the traffic requirement generally and thereby increase the free time and the quality of life of each city dweller.

Inner development before outer city development: The inner development before outer city development is a model in which the city first shall adapt the inner city core to its requirements before it evolves its outer development.

Temporary use as a strategy for urban development: In this model the main aim is to ruse unoccupied buildings temporarily to avoid the negative aspects of unoccupied buildings in cities.

Public participation includes any kind of involving citizens in the means of planning process and decisions in such processes. It is important that the initiation and accompainment in such proceedings is executed by politicians or administration depending on whom of them will make the decisions. If a form of public participation is estimated, there are various options from "Charrett- process" over Governance to "Bürgerwerkstatt".