Hochschulseminar - Miteinander der Städter
Osnabrück Rosengärten
Sergej Ratei, Max Kern, 03.11.2015
Osnabrück „Rosengärten“
Living in a detached house near city center

The Rosenplatz district is centrally located, just south of downtown Osnabrück. The ca. 68-ha area, offers living and working space for about 7,700 people. The social structure has a high concentration of poverty. Many residents have an immigrant background. In 2001 the district was added to a federal-state program called "Districts with Special Development Needs - The Socially Integrative City" to improve its situation. An important part of the preparation was a broad-based citizen participation, which involved a high degree of transparency. The renovation aimed to
improve the social infrastructure and the urban structure. Against this background, a detached house community was build in the rose gardens, the site of a former nursery, in the center of a block perimeter development.